1988 - M.A. in Fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, Department of Sculpture

professional experience

2010 -   adjunct lecture National Academy of Fine Arts

1997 – ongoing   lecturer - New Bulgarian University – Sofia, 

2009 -  founder of VENTSISLAV ZANKOV contemporary art foundation

2007-   ongoing   Art and Bulgaria [online] -  editor in chief

2008 -  art section at  - editor

2005-2008 -39grama – bi-monthly /newspaper/ editor in chief

2004 -   co-founder of E80 Association - Exit Strategies&Projects

2003 -   Creative director of Webstudio – New Bulgarian University

1999 -  establishing [Zet_maG]- e-zine for art and culture in Bulgaria

co-founder of Interspace – Media Art Centre, Sofia

establishing [elektrik_bg] mailing list for art, culture, and communication in Bulgaria

1992-  president of AAA (Art-in-Action Association)

1990-1992 -   art teacher, High School of Applied Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria additional training

1991 -  course in “Use of Computer and Video Technology in Education,” Sofia University, Bulgaria 


2005 - VocINet workshop: Interactive Storytelling, July 8-10, 2005, ICNM Salzburg

2000 -  communication front [crossing points] Plovdiv, Bulgaria, additional training

1997 -,  Fleshfactor Ars Electronica’97, Linz, Austria




2004 -  Board Chair E80 Association - Exit Strategies&Projects

1997 -  Resident of Cite des Arts Internationale, Paris, France

1990 -  elected member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists project

2009 - ‘ZERO Gravity’ supported by New Bulgarian University

2004-2008 - All About Him project

2006-2007 - 4x4 off-road animals  ‘close-up’ thematic discussions

2005 -2008 - 39grama –  /newspaper/

2004-2008 - ‘Close-up’  discussion club /every thurasday at 6.30 PM

2004 - 'GO & SEE' PROJECT the visual, the conceptual, the political - modus operandi  ‘close-up” thematic discussions

        -  June Poetry Readings IN TRIBUTE TO HRISTO BOTEV

2001- White Male Straight project,curatorial activities

2007-2008         „All About Him” project Goethe-Institut Bulgarien & 39grama


2007 - ‘Zeitgeist –Face Control’ contemporary Bulgarian photography at the Photonic Moment 2007        Photon Gallery - Ljubliana, Slovenia

2006 - 10 years videoart in Bulgaria idea A. Popnedeleva, curators – ventsislav zankov, adelina popnedeleva, Nadejda Ljahova, Boris Kostadinov

2004-2005 - ‘male in transition’ project ‘All about Him?’

2002-2003 - ‘Aggression, Auto-aggression, Accident’ international art&theory project in collaboration with Goethe institut, Sofia

2001-2002           White, Male, Straight’ multimedia project - group exhibition, Sofia supported by Prohelvetia foundation

2001- Sense of style  *painting &fashion Irida gallery Sofia






2011 -  New Ghostly Painings/ we are now all shadows/ „Rakursi“ Art Gallery, Sofia

            Post-romanticism. Reloaded – Berlin, Bulgarian cultural center

2010 - The road left rests behind us, drawing, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia

2009 - ‘ZERO Gravity’  - painting, sculpture Underground Hall – Modern Theatre, Sofia

2005 -  “HIM” painting, sculpture, multimedia and [neo]romantism ‘Rayko Aleksiev’ gallery Union of Bulgarian Artists Sofia

2005 - "7 BRIDES SPITTING" at the opening of the exhibition ‘HIM ‘ Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia

2004-  2-nd of June / reading Botev, Murgash Gallery, SofiaSymptom’ performance thogether with Adelina Popnedeleva, Irida Gallery, Sofia

2004 -  Passion&fear painting, sculpture ‘Krag+’ gallery Sofia

2003-  A HOMELESS MAN, I BADLY NEED A MERCEDES BEC action 25-27dec 2003 Vitosha Blvd. Sofia

2002 -  Gadgets for Playing painting  Irida Gallery, Sofia

            The White Side of the Darkness sculpture ‘8’gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

2001 -  [error]tica, painting, XXL Gallery, Sofia

            A Sense of Style, Irida Gallery, Sofia

1999 -  porn? – a way to reach the plain truth, painting, Vision and Sound National Autumnal Exhibitions, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1999 -  Tutti-frutti, or art as desert, paintings, sculptures, and drawings,  Micheva’s fashion cafe

1997 -   48 hours with Zankov, paintings, Admirer Gallery, Sofia

1997 -  Make War Not Love  performance, Kapelica gallery, Ljubliana, Slovenia

1995 -  Without Innocence, paintings, Mix Gallery, Sofia

1994 -  Works on Paper, Wittgenstein House, Vienna, Austria

1992 -   Temples, series of sculptures and drawings, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia

1992 - Limits of Agony, Action II, exhibition of blood prints, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia

1991 - Post-Constructive Intentions, paintings, prints, and sculptures, AAA Gallery, Sofia

1990 - Autumn Salon-Open Air, 10 sculptures in wood, metal and stone. Three metal sculptures permanently installed in the Doctor’s Garden, Sofia

1989 - Works on Paper, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, performances/actions





2011- Re-production - 09.09. – 02.10.2011, Sofia Arsenal –Museum for Contemporary Art

“20 years the fridge” - the fridge, Sofia

      -  “SGUARDI SONORI 2011” festival of media and time based art


      - “SGUARDI SONORI 2011” festival of media and time based art PALAZZO ORSINI -BOMARZO ( VITERBO) ITALIA DAL 19 FEBBRAIO AL 20 MARZO

      -   National exhibition  “Small sculpture and drawing”2011 Union of Bulgarian artists

2010 -  MADATAC (Muestra Abierta de Arte Audiovisual Contemporáneo) 5.12.2010 Madrid, Spain –official selection

         -  Squardi Sonori- 2010-2011 Infinite Spaces - Festival of media and time based art , Museo della Civilta Romana – Italy

          - National Sculpture Exhibition 2010 Sofia, Bulgaria

          - Video Art  from   Bulgaria  Screening in 3H+K Gallery, Pori, Finland

          - Videoarte de la Europa del ex-Este / Ex-East Europe Video Art „Transfera” Madrid, Spain

          - TabuScript project  - Karton Gallery Budapest; The fridge conceptual space 01-15.04.2010 –Sofia; Cultural Center „CK" Skopie, Macedonia

          - The other eye   Municipal gallery of Sofia project

 2009 -  Section 13 – Union of Bulgarian Artists

          - Water tower  – 12.06- 19.06 Teahouse, Sofia

          - 18. dokumentART  European Film Festival for Documentaries Neubrandenburg, GERMANY/Szczecin, POLAND

          - Second international Bad taste festival „WC Vaptzarov”  - atelier “Plastelin” - Sofia

          - Sculpture – national exhibition – Union of Bulgarian Artists  Sofia

2008 - Current Scene Bulgaria - LUDWIG museum –Koblenz, Germany

         - Personal Moments, Toshina Art Galerie, Leipzig, Deutschland/Germany/


         -  ‘Pistolet” gallery on SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona

         -  “20 х 20”- 20 years of  ‘8’ GALLERY  - painting, sculpture and photography,Varna, Bulgaria

         - Squardi Sonori 2008 Itally festival of media and time based art

         - Close distance  national exhibition of painting  Union of Bulgarian Artists

         - “RED”  The project “Video Salon” (March 07-21, 2008) Galerija10m2;  Sarajevo, curator Nadia Timova

          - Photonic Moments III - Sarajevo Winter Festival - New Temple Gallery

          - New Collected works in Municipal Gallery -Sofia

2007 - Zeitgeist –Face Control’ contemporary Bulgarian photography at the Photonic Moment 2007 Photon Gallery - Ljubliana, Slovenia

         - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About "The East" But Were Afraid to Ask Curated by Boryana Rossa Troy University USA

         - "COINCIDENCE I/2007 European cultural center – Collogne

         -  ESKIMO COZMETICS selection of works that treat the striving for

         -  BEAUTY, HYGIENE and YOUTH April 26 - May 11 Pistolet Gallery -Sofia

2006 - National exhibition of sculpture 2006 Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia

         - 10 years videoart in Bulgaria idea A. Popnedeleva

         - Eastern Neighbors,  Utrecht, Holland

         - Important Announcement Municipal gallery Sofia

         - August in Art – festival of visual arts, Varna – 7.08-17.09.2006

         - Section 13 – Raiko Aleksiev gallery, Union of BG artists

         - The Body national exhibitionq painting  Union of BG artists  6, Shipka st.

         - ”1000 km Sofia - Vienna”  Dauhaus independent art space, Sofia

2005 -  “Actionism in Bulgaria” “Krag+’ Gallery Sofia

         -  THE ART OF THE OVERHEAD Basement, Enghavevej 42, Copenhagen.

         - Capturing Utopia Fournos, Center for Digital Culture Athens, Greece

         -‘The Portrait’  painting – national exhibition, Union of Bulgarian artists, 6. Shipka str. Sofia

2004 - IDEA-NON-REALIZATION Exhibiton of Art gallery Pozega in the National Museum Kraljevo

         - BG top 5 – annual exhibition of irida gallery

         - Poetic/social  painting, Union of Bulgarian artists, 6. Shipka str. Sofia

         - ArteFiera – art has a point Bolognia, Itally 22 - 26.01.2004 Hall 34, B-21

2003 - Idea-non-realization Gradska galerija Pozega , Serbia&Montenegro

         - Medienturm,  Graz, Austria

         -  3rd international bunkerfilm festival  NL

         -  13. internationales bochumer videofestival Germany

         - EUROSCREEN21 PAN MUSEUM Germany

         - EXPROT/IMPORT Municipal Gallery of Sofia

1999 -  Art Vienna.02

         - Author/Size Rayko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia

         - The Bulgarian Painting after 1989, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

         - Erotic Photography, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

         - Come, whoever you are , annual exhibit, Irida gallery, Sofia

2001- Ostensive - contemporary art from Eastern Europe, participation with videoscreening, Leipzig, Germany,

        - Archaeology of Desire, Videoarchaeology Festival of Videoart, Sofia, Bulgaria

        - Body &the East, Exit Art Gallery, New York, USA

2000 - Bulgaria-Korea. Joint exhibition of modern painting –Sofia Municipal gallery, Contemporary Art Museum of Hong-ik University, Seul

        - VA[media.doc]VA, Videoarcheology Festival of Videoart, Sofia

        - net.congestion, International Festival of Streaming Media, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

        - Balkan Video federation  festival of video art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

        - Communication front 2000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1997 - Commercial/non-commercial? Irida Gallery, Sofia

         - The Other Olympia, Irida Gallery, Sofia

1998 - Phothone Digital LAB, 150xSimbolo, Bern, Switzerland

         - e-mages'98 comme_exchange, Vevey, Switzerland

         - BODY & THE EAST - From the 1960s to the Present, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubliana, Slovenia

1997- Ars Ex Natio, Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for the Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

        - EXPLOSIONS Kapelica gallery, Ljubliana, Slovenia

        - Menschenbilder, IFA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

        - Contemporary bulgarian art National art gallery selection at National Palace of culture-Sofia

1995 - International Triennial of Painting Sofia’96, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

         - Evidence. The Real Diversity, Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for the Arts, Municipal Gallery, Sofia

         - The Visual Image of the 90’s, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

          - Admirer, inauguration of Admirer Gallery, Sofia

          - Erotic Salon, Season’s Gallery, Sofia

1995 - VideoHart , December, Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for the Arts, Archaeological Museum, Sofia

1994 - N Forms? Reconstructions and Interpretations, Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for the Arts, Dossev Gallery, Sofia

1993 - A Personal View, May, 2nd Anniversary Exhibition of the Lessedra Gallery, Despred Hall, Sofia

1990 - Happy-end, Club of the (Eternally) Young Artists, Sofia

         - Cream- Art, ten art critics’ selection for young artists, Sofia

         - Light Machines, installation at the Creation happening, Proshek Brewery, Sofia, organised by the AAA

          -  Island, action of the AAA, Burgas, Bulgaria

          - A stage design for The 199 Theatre, Sofia

          - 1aaa, happening of the AAA, sponsored by 1000 Days newspaper, Sofia

1990 -  Moderate Avant - Garde within the Framework of Tradition, Club of the (Eternally) Young Artists, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia





2007 - Marginal Art – presentation  National academy of Fine arts,  Bulgaria

2002 -  Digital Weekend international festival for digital art ‘Digital culture [uninstall]’ lecture –National Academy of Fine Arts-Sofia

2001 - Understanding the Balkans, International conference, Skopije, Macedonia

1996 - Panthograph, Centre for Metamedia, Plazy, The Czech Republic

         - 10 years later,  project, Communication Front, Plovdiv

1997 -  Beauty & the East, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1996 -  Performance, Ideology and the Future of Utopia Round Table, Second Annual Performance Studies Conference at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

1995 - Artificial Environments as Artifact,  International Symposium, Prague, The Czech Republic




2001- Local Literacy, a series of three videos, as part of Videoarchaeology –3, The Archaeology of Desire, Sofia, Bulgaria

2000 - [error]tica, a series of three videos, Balkan Video federation  festival of videoart, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

        - Dumb, a series of three videos

1999 - Homework, a series of five videos

1997- Homo Sapience – reconstruction,  4 channel videoinstallation IFA Gallery, Berlin

1992-1995 -The Last Supper, 13-channel videoinstallation, Archaeological Museum, Sofia

net/media projects

2007- ongoing     Art and Bulgaria [online]

        - ARTCHANNEL.BG video&audio online art-archive

1999- ongoing    [ELEKTRIK_BG] mailing list for art, culture, and communication

1999 - 2001   [Zet_maG], online magazine for art, culture, and communications in Bulgaria, [engl] [bg]

1999-2001- [CTRL-Z RADIO]  net radio – talks, interviews, reports…archive,

                 - [ZTV] - [ctrl-z television] interviews, reports, videoart...[engl] [bg]

               Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or what will become of Bulgarian culture [bg] interviews


2000 -  Morning Funeral Agency [engl] [bg]


         - AUDIO_SOFIA [bg]


         - The Art of Driving a LADA – or what’s up with Bulgarian culture /questionnaire/ [bg]

         - BALKAN_ ASS [engl] [bg] The Balkans belong to us, where do we,                  





1992 - International Painting Symposium, Galicnik Art Colony, Macedonia, participation by invitation

1990 - International Symposium for Wood Sculpture, Yasna Polyana, Bulgaria, participation by jury selection

1989 - International Symposium for Wood Sculpture, Yasna Polyana, Bulgaria, participation by jury selection



2009 - Zero Gravity  - catalogue 2009 NBU

2005 - 2-nd of June / reading Botev catalogue

2004 -  Encultura magazine , issue 2, Toledo, Espania

2002- Den Balkan verstehen  Springerin, Hefte fuer Gegenwartskunst, Band VIII, Heft 1/02 , Wien, Seite.14-16

2001- Morning Funeral Agency – project,  Lettre Internationale  magazine

        - Metamorphoses of Utopia,  a collection of texts and projects from 1991-2001, paperback, illustrated

         - F in Fire stands for Fear, catalogue, Sofia, 2001

         - [error]tica  catalogue, Sofia, 2001

2000 - The silence that invites no interpretation,  Manifesta 3 catalogue, Slovenia

         - The silence that invites no interpretation, CF2000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

1999 - Dear… Album-magazine, Spring 1999, issue 5, year 2, Sarajevo

           Because, Lettre internationale magazine, issue 21, 1999, Sofia

           FAQ  Lettre internationale magazine, issue 21, 1999, Sofia

1997 - LIMES AGONIAE, catalogue

1995 - Without Innocence, catalogue



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