Martina Munse is a representative of The New Leipzig School of Art, a strong and renowned art movement in the contemporary German art scene. Born in 1977 in Leipzig, she graduated the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and took a number of trips in Italy, Russia, Great Britain, USA. Martina Munse has taken part in many national and international exhibitions in Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurm am Main, Sofia, ect. Her works have been auctioned by Christie's.

Martina Munse's art provokes the senses with her unique way to present the complexity of the existence and the sense of life. Her themes are hidden like a puzzle behind the realism and the abstraction without losing the narration and mysticism of classical art. The theme about the connection between the spiritual and the universal impacts intensively on the spectator who initially perceives the mysticism of the image in which the subject subsequently reveals. The paintings of Martina Munse evoke associations of DNA chains which contain more information than the visible to the naked eye.




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